VIKING is an online interface for running various molecular simulations on supercomputers. Available completely in a regular web browser, the service allows easy "wizard"-based configuration of computational tasks. VIKING transfers the necessary data to a supercomputer and runs the simulation there. When the task is complete, the results are gathered and represented visually in the interface.

VIKING serves the purpose of a computational microscope, i.e. a unique instrument for biomedical researchers. In particular, it provides a computational workflow for intuitive linking of existing modeling software, which so-far existed as stand-alone programs. VIKING utilizes the established programs as “engines” to obtain scientific data, and provides unique algorithms that are able to set up all the needed files for computations; earlier the process was often tedious even for experienced users. VIKING algorithms take the user through a carefully thought workflow (VIKING wizard). This VIKING wizard is relying on a unique approach as it integrates more than 15 years of research experience which allow the system to provide protocol templates to address practically any possible simulation that involves spatial scales ranging from electronic to the whole cell size. The simulation protocols include justified combination of simulation parameters that throughout decades were shown to be optimal for different types of biophysical simulations. VIKING integrates them all.

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